Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Unexpected (Right!) Truths about Male Judgment and Decision-Making

This one may take the cake for unnecessary research.

The Psychology Today Blog reported on December 18th that recent studies have suggested that beautiful women can provoke men to take risks, make more mistakes, gamble more freely and generally behave as men (i.e. impulsively).

DUH! And this was in doubt?

According to the blog:

“Males are biologically driven to impress attractive women, and they're also at the mercy of testosterone, the same hormone that prompts aggression and other forms of impulsivity. There's plenty of evidence to suggest that attractive women promote risky behavior among men because they activate short-sighted biological urges.”

I hope whoever paid for the research was rewarded with more and better data or at least a lot of articles and citations to this; the latter I’m sure they will get now that the Psychology Today blog is out.

Because this research certainly did not add anything new about men.

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