Monday, April 18, 2011

Lawyer Jokes.

Here is one that will make everyone laugh - and then shake their heads in dismay. The attorneys for a defendant filed a motion in response to objections from the plaintiffs requesting a delay of a scheduled trial on the basis that the wife of one of the defense lawyers was scheduled to deliver their child during the trial. This request was opposed by counsel for plaintiffs.

The Court’s decision, unsurprisingly, is a pretty hard shot at the plaintiff’s opposition to the motion. The Order granting the motion opens this way:

“He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client” is one of every lawyer’s favorite proverbs. Among the several reasons why this is undoubtedly true, is that lawyers are trained to handle disputes skillfully but without the emotional rancor that will mask the actual parties’ reason and good sense.

Regrettably, many attorneys lose sight of their role as professionals, and personalize the dispute; converting the parties’ disagreement into a lawyers’ spat. This is unfortunate, and unprofessional, but sadly not uncommon. Before the Court, however, is an uncommon example of this unhappy trend.

See the legal humor blog Lowering the Bar; Legal Humor. Seriously. for the story about this case.

I have blogged repeatedly about New Lawyering and the changes coming in the practice of law. John Lande’s new book Lawyering with Planned Early Negotiation is a great example of the approach attorneys should be taking in representing clients.

This case is an example of Old Lawyering.

I hope the clients don’t have to pay for the costs of the motion.

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